Requesting, transferring, using and destroying data of voters on the electoral roll

Névtelen 18

Pursuant to Section 153 (1) b) of Paragraph (1) of Act XXXVI of 2013 on Electoral Procedure (hereinafter: Act XXXVI of 2013 on Electoral Procedure), the National Election Office shall provide the name, address, age and gender of voters included in the electoral register of polling districts at the request of the nominating organisation drawing up the list, upon payment of the data provision fee without delay, but not earlier than after the registration of the list has become final.

The request for data may only be made in writing. The data supply does not include the information required by Ve. 89, paragraph (1), of the name, address, age and sex of the voters who have refused to disclose their data.

The condition for the provision of the data is that the nominating organisation that has legally registered a list in the election certifies the payment of the fee for the data provision - which is three forints per voter included in the data provision - to the account of the National Election Office. The number of the Commission's decision on the registration of the list and the court registration number of the nominating organisation must be indicated in the communication section of the transfer.

Account number of the National Election Office: 10032000-00333616-00000000.

The following persons are entitled to request and receive data on behalf of a legally registered nominating organisation:

1. the legal representative according to the court register of civil society organisations,

2. the person authorised by the legal representative to make a declaration on behalf of the nominating organisation on the form used for the notification of the nominating organisation,

3. a person holding a power of attorney in the form of a private document or authentic instrument issued by the persons referred to in points 1 to 2.

Please include the following information in your application:

- the official name of the applicant nominating organisation,

- the title of the application, the name of the official nominating organisation, the name of the applicant, the Ve. 153 § (1) (b) or the fact that the request is made for the purpose of using the data for direct political campaigning,

- date, name and signature of the person acting on behalf of the organisation.

The request must be accompanied by proof of payment of the data fee.

Possible ways to submit a claim:

- by sending an e-mail to nvb[at] (as a signed scanned document),

- in person at 1054 Budapest, Alkotmány utca 3. during office hours, or

- by post to 1397 Budapest, PO Box 547.

The requested register data are made available on a data medium and the transfer is recorded in a transfer report.

The nominating organisation may only use the transferred data for the purposes of direct political campaigning, any other use, copying or transfer to third parties is strictly prohibited.

The nominating organisations must destroy the data - irrespective of the date of their completion - by 4 p.m. on the day of the election at the latest and must hand over the report to the National Election Office within three days.In the event of unauthorised use of the data or the destruction of the data, as well as the obligation to send a report on the destruction of the data, a fine may be imposed on the basis of the objection!