Applications for redress

Dear Interested Parties!

Pursuant to Act XXXVI of 2013 (Act XXXVI of 2013), objection and appeal type remedies may be submitted to the Election Commissions. Detailed information on the rules for submitting these two remedies is provided below:

1. Rules for objections

2. Rules for appeal

Model documents to help you file an objection and appeal:

- Model document for the submission of an objection under § 208 of the Ve.

- Model document for the lodging of an appeal under § 221 of the Ve.

Please note that the description of how to submit objections and appeals is for information purposes only and should not be taken as the official position of the election committees. It is for the Election Commissions to determine whether the objections and appeals submitted comply with all legal requirements and will be considered on a case-by-case basis for each appeal submitted.

The use of model documents for objections and appeals is not compulsory, but is intended to facilitate the submission of appeals.

Contact details of Local Election Offices

Contact details of the Election Offices for  Individual Constituencies

Contact details of the Regional Election Offices

Contact details of the National Election Commission