Accreditation documents for international observers

According to the Act XXXVI of 2013 on election procedure, observers from other states, intergovernmental organisations, international nongovernmental organisations or associations who are registered with the National Election Office to observe the elections:

a) may observe the entire election process and be present while the election bodies carry out their work,

b) may inspect the documents of the election commissions and request copies thereof, with the proviso that these copies shall not contain personal data,

c) may put questions to members of election bodies and call their attention to irregularities that they detected,

d) shall not hinder or interfere in the election process and the activities of the election bodies,

e) shall wear the registration badge supplied by the National Election Office where it can be easily seen during their activities,

f) shall carry out their activities impartially.

The National Election Office shall keep a register of international observers.

The register shall contain the nameplace of birth and date of birth of the international observers as well as the name of the delegator.

The National Election Office shall publish the names of international observers as well as the names of the delegators on the official website of the elections.

Decisions on the registration and deregistration of international observers shall be made by the president of the National Election Office; no legal remedy shall lie against these decisions.

International observers shall be notified to the National Election Office nine days before voting day at the latest.