The President of the National Election Office met the representatives of minorities

The President of the National Election Office, Dr. Attila Nagy invited the minority advocates and the presidents of the minority self-governments to an informative meeting to prepare for the 2024 general national minority elections.

Budapest, 14 February 2024 - In a presentation given to the representatives of the 13 nationalities of Hungary recognised by law and the presidents of the minority self-governments, the President of the National Election Office informed the participants about the general election rules and presented in detail the changes in the material and procedural rules that have occurred since the 2019 general elections of minority self-governments.

The Office organised the event with the aim of supporting the preparation of minority organisations for the general elections of minority self-governments, which are expected to take place on 9 June 2024, in a joint procedure with the general elections of members of the European Parliament and local government representatives and mayors.

The National Election Office considers it important to provide a wide range of information to minority voters and to assist minority organisations during the elections.

The representatives of the nationalities were joined at the event by Dr. Erzsébet Szalayné Dr. Sándor, Deputy Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Nationalities in Hungary.

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