The Venice Commission and the NEO jointly evaluated the elections

On 12th December, the Venice Commission and the National Election Office (NEO) held a web conference on the experiences of the 2022 general elections and the national referendums.

At the expert meeting which was initiated by the Venice Commission but jointly organised, the President of the National Election Office also expressed his views. In his speech, Dr. Attila Nagy welcomed the work of the Venice Commission and briefly reported on the key points of the management and the novelties of this year's elections.

In addition to the staff of NEO, representatives of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and the Society for Civil Liberties and Justice also attended the online conference. The participants discussed among other issues the efficiency of electoral administration and the specifics of the appeals system, as well as some of the OSCE recommendations.

The National Election Office has cooperated and engaged in substantive consultations with various international organisations at all stages of the 2022 elections, including during the preparatory phase. Joint work with the Venice Commission began in the autumn of 2021 in preparation for the elections, and the online conference concluded this whole process.

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