The NEO assists the work of the PSCs with training materials

In preparation for the general elections of the European Parliament, local self-government and national minority self-government on 9 June 2024, the National Election Office published - in addition to the election information booklets - the educational short films prepared for the polling station commissions, which were also sent to the nominating organisations.

Budapest, 2024. May 8. – Electoral information booklets and video aids will also help polling station commissions prepare for the 9 June elections to the European Parliament, local government and national minority self-government. The five types of election booklet, based on the type of settlement, provide detailed information on, among other things, the preparation and conduct of the vote, the keeping of the electoral roll and the counting of votes.

In addition to the booklets, this year video materials will also be available to help educate the members of the polling station commission. The videos, produced by the National Election Office (NEC), show a practical side of all the tasks that polling station staff carry out on polling day. The training videos are part of the training curricula of the local election offices, but are also available for everyone at

The training materials for the members of the polling station commission have been sent to all nominating organisations by the NEC, asking them to use these preparation materials - in particular - for the training of the delegate commission members.

Election information booklets are available on our website by clicking here.

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