Online recommendation checking service available

With the start of the election campaign period, the "Who did I recommend?" recommendation checker service is once again available to voters. The service allows citizens to check online which candidate or list they have supported with their signature.

Budapest, 26 April 2024 –The National Election Office (NEO) has re-launched its online recommendation checker service called Who I recommended (KITAJ), which allows voters to check which list or candidate they supported with their signature during the 9 June election recommendation period. It is important to note, however, that only those signatures that have been verified will be entered into the system. In addition to the online service, citizens will still have the possibility to verify recommendations on paper or in person.

The request for information on the submission of a recommendation can be submitted for all three types of elections, i.e. European Parliament, local government and national minority elections. Applications can be submitted electronically via the Personalised Administration Interface (PIA) to the National Election Office, or in person or by proxy to any local election office.

The service was launched by the NEO in the run-up to the 2022 parliamentary elections and referendums to promote public trust and election integrity.In the parliamentary elections two years ago, the service was used to make more than 130,000 queries, and the number of complaints received by election offices suspecting abuse was less than 100.

For more information on the Who did I recommend? service, click here.

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