The NEO has started mailing the election notices

The National Election Office has started sending notices of voter registration to voters based on the 3 April electoral roll data. Among other things, the notifications will indicate the place and time of voting and the elections in which voters can vote.

Budapest, April 2024 - The National Election Office (NEC) has started the mailing of the notices for the 2024 European Parliament, local government and national minority elections. In addition to the voter's personal data, the notification of registration in the electoral roll contains the most important information about the election: the number and address of the polling station where the voter is entitled to vote, the time of voting and the elections in which the voter may vote.

The notice also provides information on which ID documents are required to vote, as well as detailed information on how to submit election applications and key election deadlines.

An important innovation is the addition of a QR code to the election notices, which makes it easier to access the electronic administration.

The NEC will send the notifications to voters by 19 April 2024 (Friday). In the event of non-receipt, destruction or loss of the notification, the voter can request a new notification from the local election office in the mayor's office. The possession of a notice is not a condition for voting.

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